MR O.K Grooms: Mike Maher

Photo by  Justin Chung

Photo by Justin Chung

Mike Maher is the co-founder/CEO of Taylor Stitch.

As someone who loves the outdoors and prefers to ride bikes that aren’t stationary, Mike is reluctant to say he met Kristin at the only SoulCycle class he has ever attended. Cut to 2 years later, on a long trail run in Tennessee Valley just north of San Francisco, Mike proposed while Kristen was catching her breath looking out over the ocean after what he describes as “a death march” up a big hill. “I blacked out and did it.” Mike had a close group of friends waiting at Muir Beach to drink a Salmanazar of champagne, where they partied the afternoon away.

What style of wedding ring did you choose, and why?

I wanted something classic that matched a signet ring I have on my other hand, which my mother gifted me when I graduated high school, so I chose the 4mm half-round in yellow gold from MR O.K.

What was your first dance song and how did you choose it?

We combo-punched Leon Bridges, “Coming Home” into Blackstreet, “No Diggity”. Then everyone joined in on the dance floor.

Tell us about your DJ...

We had this dude DJ Bagnis as well as a band and sax player throughout the evening. Bagnis did a phenomenal job and played off the band and sax player, which was super impressive. He will fly to the U.S. too, so book him! We actually chose him pretty blindly and could not have been happier.

How did you choose your photographer?

Justin Chung took the shots because he’s a long-time homie and he was adamant that he do it even though I wanted him to be drinking tequila with me and enjoy himself more than taking photos and being stressed.

Photo by  Justin Chung

Photo by Justin Chung

Where did you get married? Tell us a little bit about the venue.

We got married in this old dictator’s house in Mexico City called Proyecto Publico Prim. It was a stunning spot of semi-dilapidated architecture with a huge central courtyard. They’ve fixed it up a bit and it’s spectacular.

What did you gift your groomsmen?

We didn’t have groomsmen/bridesmaids, but I did have a few things done for me and my brother, who was my best man. We had custom suits and shirts made from my clothing company Taylor Stitch; my friend Michelle who owns Avocet Jewelry made us these beautiful sterling silver skull lapel pins with black diamonds for the eyes; and then we had custom hand-rolled ties made by Vanda Fine Clothing.

Photo by  Matt Rubin

Photo by Matt Rubin

Tell us about choosing your suit…

I kept it pretty simple with a navy suit with a bit of texture, a white spread collar shirt, and navy tie. The key to a good wedding outfit for me is simplicity, great tailoring and a few personal accessories like a great watch, shoes and something like a lapel pin. I’m not flashy and I’d never look as good as my wife, anyway.

Photo by  Matt Rubin

Photo by Matt Rubin

Advice you wish another groom had given you before the big day?

Soak it all in whenever you can and don’t worry about the stuff that doesn’t go off perfectly. There are too many variables for everything to go perfectly and nobody notices but you.

What did you obsess over the most when planning your wedding?

Alcohol and music. We were in Mexico and you gotta bring the noise and booze to keep people on the dance floor late.

What was the hardest/easiest part about planning your wedding?

The hardest part and easiest part were having to trust our wedding planners in Mexico City. We went down a few times but we put a lot of faith in them. They were dialed in and nailed it. I can’t recommend the team at MRK enough.

What was the most unexpected challenge/delight in the planning process of your wedding day?

The biggest challenge was agreeing on certain things from a budgetary perspective. There will always be different viewpoints if both parties care, and that can be challenging. The key is to find a happy balance and my biggest learning was to generally just go for it because by the time you get to the big day you’ve paid for everything and it’s out of your mind. The biggest delight was getting to travel to Mexico City three times with my now wife and get to continue to immerse ourselves in the city. It’s spectacular, and one of my best friends has lived down there for a decade so that made it all the more enjoyable.

Looking back now, what was the highlight of your day?

All of your favorite people in the world in one place to celebrate with you. It’s completely insane and it only happens once.

Photos by Justin Chung

Matt Rubin