Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I get my ring resized?

If the ring doesn't fit perfect when you receive it, you have two easy options: take your ring to a local jeweler to have it resized, or send it back to us and we will resize it for you. We charge a flat $20 resize fee. If you are unsure of your ring size, please contact us before you order and we can send you a ring sizer for free.

+ What’s the difference between 14 karat gold and 18 karat gold?

The kind of gold you purchase depends on your needs. Pure gold is 24 karat—it is extremely soft, and more susceptible to scratching and bending, therefore not ideal for jewelry. The karat number goes down as the pure gold content of the item goes down. For example, 18k gold contains 75 percent gold and 25 percent gold alloy; it is therefore harder than 24k gold but softer than 14k gold, which contains 58.3 percent gold and 41.7 percent gold alloy. All gold rings are susceptible to scratching, but because of its higher gold purity, 18k gold wedding bands will show wear marks sooner than 14k gold bands. For active men who often use their hands, 14k gold is considered ideal for rings. For men who value a higher purity of gold, 18k is best. Regardless, if your ring starts to look worn, you can easily have it re-polished to look brand new again.

+ What are the different polishes you offer?

We offer two polishes: shiny and sandblasted matte. The shiny polish is the most known and classic polish, leaving the ring with a sleek, glossy finish. The sandblasted matte is ideal for those who prefer their ring to have less shine, leaving a smooth, duller surface.

+ What if I don’t like the polish I ordered?

All of our polishes can be re-applied or reversed at any time. If you choose a shiny polish but decide you would prefer a brushed matte polish, we are happy to change this for you. We charge a flat $30 change of polish fee.

+ Is one polish more scratch-resistant than another?

All gold rings and their polishes are susceptible to scratching. Some people believe a brushed matte finish will be more effective at hiding scratches from wear, however this is not the case. Because most scratches come from something metal (like a doorknob or a handlebar), they will leave a shiny spot on the brushed matte finish of the ring. New scratches will be more apparent until the wear begins to even out. Similarly, the sandblasted matte finish will eventually polish naturally with wear. In the opposite way, the shiny polish will gradually wear to a less shiny finish. If your ring starts to look worn, you can easily have it re-polished to look brand new again.

+ Can I exchange my ring?

We want to make this process as comfortable and easy as possible, so we are happy to accept exchanges of unworn items. If you would like to make an exchange you will have 7 days to email with your request. Once your exchange is processed we will contact you via email with a store credit code. Please note, customers are responsible for return shipping. We are not responsible for any Duty, VAT or additional taxes that may be charged after the sale.

Please contact us before you order and we'll help guide you on the right ring size, style, metal, polish and width.