Welcome to MR O.K (pronounced Mister O.K). We’ve worked hard to make this process feel both personal and streamlined, so that the experience of buying a wedding ring—one that’ll last forever—can be as enjoyable and significant as it was meant to be.


Our rings are handmade in NYC, of sustainable, recycled solid gold. We’ve narrowed the styles down to the essentials. We have answers on metals, width, size, polish, and more. 



Our Story

photo by  John Dolan

photo by John Dolan

Matt Rubin came up with the idea for MR O.K in 2017 while planning his own wedding. He expected the process of finding and buying a wedding ring would be easy. He wasn’t looking for anything elaborate: just a handsomely understated band, classic like your grandfather’s, that could be worn with confidence. But it was a chore to find. Retailers offered too many options, and presented them indifferently. They made his simple questions about polish, width, and materials sound more complicated than they were. And whether he was shopping online or offline, nothing about the experience felt special. Surely there was a better way. Looking into it, Rubin discovered that a lot of men in his situation felt the same. And he realized he could partner with his wife, who already had a women’s jewelry business called Olivia Kane and MR O.K was born.

MR O.K - pronounced Mister O.K; an acronym for Matt Rubin + Olivia Kane